January 9, 2019

66% of students who are accepted into medical school are students who continued music in college.

MUSIC MAKES YOU SMARTER!  Yes I said it! I have made this statement for years, and will continue to advocate that MUSIC MAKES YOU SMARTER! Numerous studies prove that children and young adults who study music have a higher IQ than their peers who do not. While I have never conducted a studio wide survey of my students grades, I always ask for updates concerning my students progress in school around report card day. 


Children who participate in Music Education have been proven to receive higher test scores on standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT.  66% of students who are accepted into medical school are students who continued music in college.  This percentage is greater than students that majored in biology and biochemistry.

In addition to music making you smarter, music lessons teach discipline, self control, performance technique, and help one develop a new level of self confidence.  Students with a musical intelligence are more likely to succeed in other school subjects, not just music! 


Remembering music notes, and playing music stimulates brain development which causes one to have a better memory and increased learning abilities.  In fact, studying music has been proven to improve brain activity better than any other extra curricular activity. 


Phylicia Hollis is a professionally trained musician, singer, and educator.  She is a highly sought after vocal coach that has worked in various capacities of the music and entertainment industry. 


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January 9, 2019

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