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Our goal is to provide each student with a quality musical experience.  Each student will receive a well rounded approach in learning music.  The lesson plans are designed to meet the needs of each individual student. The music styles taught include: Classical, Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Muscial Theater, Rock, and Pop. Our schedule fills up very fast.  All prospective students must successfully complete a consultation and pass a cognitive skills test before being accepted into the music conservatory.

Voice Lessons


Would you like to increase your vocal range?  Are you preparing for a college audition or a school talent show?  Are you trying to bring out the "soul" in your voice? Do you often become hoarse after singing?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, professional vocal training can benefit you.  This course is designed to increase the longevity of the voice while maintiaining the proper vocal health.  This course is opened for all ages 9 and up. (If you have a student under the age of 10, and feel they could benefit from professional voice lessons, please feel free to reach out to us. Exceptions will be made for singers under 9 years of age at the discretion of the director.)  Parental involvement is required for students under 18 years of age.  A consistent practice regimen is required to take this course.

Piano Lessons

There are many benefits to starting piano at an early age.  This course is currently only available for ages 3 and up.  Piano lessons are also encouraged for young singers.  Parental involvement, a reliable instrument, and specific books are required for all piano students.  A consistent practice regimen is also required to take this course. Don't worry, you are never too old to study music, we do accept adults for piano lessons. 

Group Voice Lessons/ Workshops


Do you have a singing duo?  Maybe you are a member of a girls band?  Are you looking for someone to steer your choirs vocals in the right direction?  If so, Group Lessons are available for you and your group. For groups, ensembles, or choirs, please call 901-830-9484 to schedule a lesson and receive a quote.  Pricing varies based on the size of the group or ensemble.

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