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3 Easy Ways to Start Singing with Confidence

After being on a very long hiatus, I've decided to finally blog about a very common topic among singers I meet. They all have one thing in common. Many singers young and old lack confidence, and they all want to know: How do I sing with confidence?

Have you ever heard someone sing, they really didn't sound good, but you enjoyed it anyway? It's because the singer was confident. Or they were a very good entertainer. Maybe they hit wrong notes, missed a few words, but because of their confidence, it made you forget about all the flaws. Am I suggesting that you neglect vocal accuracy for a good show? Of course not, but I am suggesting that confident singing will make an audience forget a few of the mess ups, if not all of them.

With proper preparation you too can be on your way to more confident singing. Take a look at 3 Easy Ways to Start Singing With Confidence:

1. Surround Yourself with Skilled Singers

You need community! I cannot stress this enough to singers. One of the best ways to become a better singer and sing with confidence is to surround yourself with those who may little more experienced at singing than you. You need to be around other "skilled singers". Trust me, there is always someone who can sing a note or a riff that you may or may not be able to sing yet. If you only surround yourself with singers on the same singing level as you, you will more than likely continue to sound the same, and your confidence level will not grow.

2. You Need Consistent Training Ground

If you desire to sing publicly or become a recording artist, you will need some type of training ground. Restated, you will need an audience (other than your family). I often encourage singers to become zealous about their craft. In other words, you need to be "thirsty". Yes I said it! Be thirsty! If you are trying to become a professional singer, you need to sing on a regular basis. To improve your confidence level, I urge you to check social media or your local news ads for more opportunities to sing in public settings. There are so many places great singers have flourished; you just have to find the right place for you and your voice. You cannot be afraid of rejection or failure. Of course people may think you can't sing, but remember a vast majority of the people that say those things are normally not musically inclined at all! Here are a few places I recommend for training ground: Talent Shows, Choirs (Church, School, etc.), Pageants, Karaoke, Open Mic Night, and the list goes on. Get up and sing!!!!

3. Get a Vocal Coach

Professional athletes have athletic trainers. They are professionals. So why do singers think they will never need assistance from a professional vocal coach? There are some things we can achieve on our own, but a little extra help never hurt anyone. I have taken vocal lessons in my adult life, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Now as a vocal coach myself, one of the top benefits from professional vocal coaching I see with my client's is MORE CONFIDENCE! If you want to sing with more confidence, you may need an extra listening ear to get you to that next level.

If you'd like to learn more about singing with confidence order your copy of Healthy Choices Healthy Voices: Practical Ways for Becoming a Better Singer today!


Phylicia Hollis is a professionally trained musician, singer, and educator. She is a highly sought after vocal coach that has worked in various capacities of the music and entertainment industry.


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