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How Exercise Helped My Voice!

I've never been skinny.

And when I do exercise, I am not focused on my weight.

I exercise for my singing voice!

Exercise worked wonders for me. I gained a new sense of confidence, and I SANG BETTER!


There is a common myth out there in the singing world that suggests: “Singers need to only focus on their voice and not their health.” I have even coached many singers, and some would argue that “My large belly can hold a lot of air and help me sing notes longer and stronger.” However, this is simply not the case with most singers.

Now I am not saying that you cannot have belly fat! I have belly fat.

Nor am I saying that people who exercise sing better! I know plenty of great singers that don't exercise.

However, I am saying, singers should simply be more health conscious.

Think about it…

The voice is an instrument that is apart of the body! So, shouldn’t a singer treat their body with a little EXTRA care?! After all, it does house our most precious instrument: THE VOICE!

Exercise has more benefits than weight control! It also improves your cardiovascular strength and breath control! And for a singer, how you breathe is EVERYTHING!!! Exercise even helped me sing high notes and hold notes longer!

Exercise is especially important to singers that dance and do lots of movement when singing. I'm not saying you need to run 3 miles a day, but I am saying any physical activity is better than none. (This not only applies to singers, but the same goes for motivational speakers, and even preachers!) So even if you don’t lose any weight, engaging in exercise and frequent physical activity can be very beneficial to your voice.

This is not to say that being overweight will have a negative affect on your voice.

(I exercise, but at 5 feet and 180 lbs, I am technically "overweight.")

So it's absolutely ok to be an overweight singer! I am one. However, obesity is a leading cause of several chronic illnesses that could unfortunately cut your life short. Thus leading to a “short lived” singing career as well. Taking the necessary health precautions could add 10+ years or more to your singing career.

So I encourage you to get up and do something TODAY! Your voice is depending on it!

Exercise will help you LIVE LONG and SING STRONG!!!

Written by: Phylicia Hollis

About Phylicia Hollis

Phylicia Hollis is a professionally trained musician, singer, and educator. She is a highly sought after vocal coach that has worked in various capacities of the music and entertainment industry.


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