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No More Shower Singing!

I enjoy singing in my shower. The reverb is perfect and every note I sing seems to magically bounce off the bathroom tile to create a sweet melody. My bathroom probably has the best acoustics in the whole house, and for some reason, some notes I can only reach in my shower.

Unfortunately, I meet great singers all the time, whose largest audience is the bathroom sink and the floor tile. Don't get me wrong, shower singing is great, but if you desire to sing publicly or become a recording artist, you will need some type of training ground outside of your personal shower concerts.

I encourage singers that are serious about their craft to become zealous about what they do. Check social media or your local newspaper for more opportunities to sing places. If you are unable to find anything in your local city or town, perhaps you should just gather a few family members or friends after dinner one day and sing 2-3 songs in front of them. You have to start somewhere.

There are so many places great singers flourish; you just have to find the right place for you, and your voice. You cannot afford to be afraid. You cannot be afraid of failure, rejection, or even the people that will say you cannot sing or should not be singing. You will need to understand that none of these things determine your vocal ability. You do.

Once again, I am not opposed to shower singing, but it's time to move beyond the shower! Join a choir or local singing group. All singers need training ground, and a real performer, will eventually need a real audience!

Are you looking for ways to take your singing voice to the next level? Check out my new book Healthy Choices Healthy Voices: Practical Ways for Becoming a Better Singer. CLICK HERE to purchase your copy today!


Phylicia Hollis is a professionally trained musician, singer, and educator. She is a highly sought after vocal coach that has worked in various capacities of the music and entertainment industry.


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